January 20, 2008

How are you feeling?

EnergyfocustimingHow to lose potential members without even trying?

I am going to ask you to forget that you are a member and go back to being a visitor preferably on your first meeting.

You have arrived at the venue at 6.30 having never been there before and there is no one there including the person that invited you.

How are you feeling?

The Secretary treasurer arrives at 6.40 and is busy setting up the table so suggests that you have a coffee whilst they get set up.

How are you feeling?

The Visitor Host arrives at 6.45 and makes sure that they come and introduce themselves to you and they get you to register and pay your breakfast money

How are you feeling?

You get introduced to a member who talks to you for a minute or two before they need to speak to someone they have a referral for so they leave you beside the coffee table.

How are you feeling?

You cant see the person that invited you so you get your breakfast and the meeting starts and you are not sure where to sit as all the seats seem to have the members card files on them.

How are you feeling?

For 5 Top Things To Do to make sure every visitor Feels Special >>>

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June 21, 2007

New BNI Podcast on iTunes


Dr Ivan Misner has launched a weekly podcast bringing great ideas and experience direct to members. You can subscribe on the Apple iTunes site but also download straight from the Official BNI Podcast Site www.bnipodcast.com.

Great material for Education Coordinators and subjects which include the Hidden Elements of A Meeting, Lead v's Referral, Simplify Your Story and Core Groups. The BNI Podcast is now downloaded automatically and every few weeks I burn the episodes to a CD so I can listen to some great ideas as I travel to chapter meetings. Check it Out today.

December 16, 2006

Education Coordinator Overview

Some sound advice for new Education Coordinators. A practical insight into becoming the chapter hero by helping develop the potential of members.